The Best Podcasts for Boss Babes to Listen to Right This Second

Okay in all honesty, I never in a million years thought I'd be a 'podcast listener'. Audio books are not my thing, so I actually avoided podcasts for a really long time thinking I'd feel the same way about them. So I was WAY behind on the podcast train. Wild, right?! I realize now that I was most definitely missing out. Ashley Flowers' Crime Junkie and Supernatural were the ones that got me hooked - and are still my top favorites, but crime and spooky stuff isn't for everyone. My other favorite genre is just some good ole women-supporting-women motivational podcasts! So I'm here to share with you a few of my favorite boss babe podcasts that will pump you up and help you reach for the stars!


Manifestation Babe

Photo of Manifestation Babe Podcast

Comin' in hot to top off the chart is Manifestation Babe. Katherin Zenkina is the, and I have to remind myself that we're not actually best friends in real life on a regular basis. She's funny and realistic and doesn't hold back. She has such a great and motivating back story and the realness that comes out of some of her episodes is so powerful. She talks about all things entrepreneurship, money, reaching your goals, and the Law of Attraction. Did I mention she's also a self-made multi-millionaire? I highly recommend Manifestation Babe for anyone that needs a little pick-me-up, especially if you're more on the spiritual side. Check out her Instagram too - she shares a ton of really great tips and reminders for business owners and anyone trying to find their way along this crazy path called life.



Podcast episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Goal Digger

Photo of Gold Digger Podcast

Jenna Kutcher lives only five hours away from me, and where I'm from that's basically my backyard. I love love LOVE when people do big things that are from my area, so you know I'm hyping her up! She has grown her platform so much in the past couple years, and now she has a Forbes top-rated podcast. Not bad for a girl from Minnesota, huh? Her Goal Digger podcast shares tips, ideas, and strategies for other entrepreneurs. She is so sweet and relatable, especially on Instagram where she shows a beautiful and raw side of motherhood and all the feels that come along with it. All mamas and boss babes should give her a follow, listen, and feel your heart and readiness grow three times bigger.


Goal Digger Instagram

Jenna Kutcher Instagram

Podcast episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts.


Cup of Queens

Photo - Cup of Queens Podcast

Oh I know you didn't think I wasn't going to share a local podcast, did you?! Paige Alexander and Sarae Kellen are the geniuses behind Cup of Queens. They may be from this small city (Fargo, ND), but don't sell them short. On top of having well-known local business owners and entrepreneurs on their show already, after just launching in February of this year they have had high profile guests as well. Both Tigirlily (#1 single Somebody Does - Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh, North Dakota) and Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson (Olympic hockey player, North Dakota) have had their 40 minutes of fame with Cup of Queens too. And I bet Paige and Sarae have more awesome guests up their sleeves for the future. Whether you're from the local area or not, you'll be able to take some charm and zest for life away from this podcast. If YouTube is more your thing - you're in luck, because they have a Youtube channel as well where you can watch the interviews in real time! As they say, grab your cup and enjoy!



Podcast episodes are available wherever you listen to podcasts and on their website.

I could probably make this list go on forever but we'll start with this! Have you listened to these podcasts yet? What are some of your favorite podcasts for motivation? Let me know!

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