Brand Representative Program


We at I, Luna Co. know that influencer marketing is only becoming more and more mainstream. We are HUGE fans of the independence that content creation has given women all over the world. Expanding our support for Content Creators through our new Brand Representative Program has been on the horizon for quite some time and we are excited to finally make it a reality!

As a part of our program, Content Creators will be able to express themselves creatively to promote the products they already love, while earning a percentage of every sale that was referred by them.

Please read below for more details and to apply to be a Brand Rep for I, Luna Co.



Once approved as a Brand Rep, you will have access to your Affiliate Dashboard where you can keep track of your finances, referral sales, and more.

Commission is calculated after deducting shipping and taxes from order.

Commission is calculated without deducting total discount from the order.

You may not get commission through your own referral link or another Brand Rep's. However, you will get a personal discount code to use for any personal purchases.

Commission will be given regardless of if the sale was made by an old or new customer.

Brand Reps will receive a $10 credit once approved.

Brand Reps can cash out once $20 mark has been met.

Withdrawls are made via PayPal, Venmo, ACH Transfer, or Store Credit

Commission starts at 13%, which is slightly above industry standard. If 5 or more sales are completed using your affiliate links, your commission will increase to 20%. 

Cookie Length: 90 Days

All original content posted by the Brand Rep, across all platforms, will be owned by the Brand Rep. Original content will only be used by I, Luna Co. with permission




You don't have to be an influencer! Even if you just like our products, you can use our Brand Rep program as a way to earn store credit.

Our customers are women who are interested in manifesting, spiritual healing, crystals, mindfulness and yoga, holistic healing, and more. If you have a similar following - you'd be the perfect fit!

Because we are a small business with limited resources, we have limited spots available each quarter. Brand Reps must be at least 18 years of age and live in the U.S. or Canada. 

Please reach out with any further questions by emailing us at